JN Racers GP to give field events more focus

April 20, 2018
Leon Mitchell (left) Assistant General Manager of JN Bank presents a cheque to Glen Mills (right), President of Racers Track Club, while Sports Minister Olivia 'Babsy'Grange looks on at the Racers Grand Prix Launch at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel yesterday.

The organisers of the JN Racers Grand Prix have made moves to bring the field events more into focus this year, with the use of what is described as "top- class equipment," to get spectators more involved in the action, president of Racers Track Club Glen Mills revealed at the launch of the meet yesterday.

"We have partnered with World Class Athletics to have top-class equipment to give the spectators first hand information of every throw, every jump and every time instantaneously as it is done," Mills said at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in Kingston.

Bruce James, who represents World Class Athletics, said that for too long Jamaicans have ignored the field events and he believes a change of the presentation of the events may win over some fans.

"For over 100 years, the Jamaican athletes and coaches have been delivering world- class performances on the track and because of my position to travel and see the world-class delivery of track and field globally, I felt: 'Why can't we do the very same thing right here in Jamaica?' My team has invested heavily in what we call electronic display boards, not just for track events but for the field events," James said.




James said that the electronic display boards, much like the ones used at the IAAF World Championships, will provide the spectators with information on the competitors' attempts, distances and heights they throw, or jump.

"That information will transfer immediately to the meet management software and to the internet, and therefore whether you are inside the stadium looking at your smartphones or you are in the diaspora, or anywhere in the world, you will have access to every jump, every throw, and every performance," James said.

Mills also pointed out that the programme will be set to allow the field events to come to the forefront at various periods during the three-hour meet.

"We will have the announcer announce when the persons are entering the ring, or on the runway getting ready to jump, to get the crowd involved," Mills said.

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