Forbes labels Lennon grouse non issue

April 21, 2018

ISSA competitions director, George's Forbes, said Lennon High School crying foul play for their schoolgirl football semi-final against Excelsior on Thursday is a non-issue, and that the former, many-time winners are 'grasping at straws' in an appeal regarding their fixtures.

After topping Group I of the three group quarter-final stage, Lennon anticipated a semi-final against Denham Town in the last four. However, after reviewing the original fixture, the organisers realised they had paired the wrong teams and made the correction, to which Lennon objected.

But Forbes insisted that the original fixture scheduled the teams to meet at that stage and that Lennon's protest was unwarranted.

According to Forbes, all the semi-final qualifiers knew their likely opponents from the start of the season. However, there was a mix-up with the semi-final matchups, when the scheduling was first sent out. However, after making the correction, Lennon accused ISSA of foul play.

"There were three quarter-final groups, and the three group winners plus the best second-place team qualified (for the semi finals). They (Lennon) won the group and Excelsior was the best second-place team. So the semi-finalists should be the winner of Group G (St Jago) versus the winner of Group H (Denham Town), and the winner of I (Lennon), versus the best second-place team (Excelsior).




"But when we sent out the semi-final (fixture), we inadvertently put Denham Town down to play Lennon and we put St Jago to play Excelsior, which was a mistake.

"So we corrected it and put in the right thing, because you can't make fixtures of who will meet who, and then change it. So the pairing for the semis was incorrect and we sent out the correct one. But it was always G versus H and I versus the best second-place team.. It was quite clear," Forbes insisted..

Forbes also thought members of the Clarendon school were being disingenuous to call KLAS FM to voice their grouse, while no one called ISSA to make a complaint. "I heard they were on radio, but nobody called me. I don't understand KLAS, because one person called in and made an accusation, and no one called me, though I was available," he stated.

Excelsior beat Lennon 1-0 to book their place in Monday's decider. They will play Denham Town, who defeated St Jago on penalties after a 0-0 draw.

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