Tough road to the final - Finlayson

April 21, 2018
Waterhouse FC captain Nicholy Finlayson (centre) goes through a training drill with teammate Shawn Lawes (left) while their coach Donovan Duckie looks on during a training session at the Drewsland Stadium on Wednesday April 18.

Waterhouse captain Nicholy Finlayson described his team's journey from being a struggler in the early season to one win away as they face Portmore in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) final as a tough one.

The Drewsland-based team eliminated last year's champion Arnett Gardens in the two leg semi-final 3-1 on aggregate. Now, they will look to beat last season's finalist.

"The journey was a tough one and we fought all the way to be in the final. The team fought hard and everyone stuck together. We are going all out for the championship on Monday," the veteran central defender told STAR Sports recently.

"Kudos to the players and coaching staff as everyone is united and here we are in the final. It is a big plus. The team always had quality players, we just needed a teacher, and coach Duckie is the teacher," he added.




"Coach came in and put the movements together and organisation of the team. He never went much into the transfer window, just added a few quality players in the mix," he said.

"He brought in Keithy Simpson, Carlos Barrett, Cardel Benbow, and these are inspirational players, always encouraging others in training and on match days," the 32-year-old added.

"I see the final as a tough one, so we have to go there and give of the best. We just have to go all out against Portmore in the final," Finlayson pointed out.

"I have never won the trophy in the 14 years in the league playing with Reno and Waterhouse. I want it and just putting in the hard work, we need to just go all out," he concluded.

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