Tough task - Duckie ready for Portmore challenge in RSPL final

April 23, 2018
Waterhouse head coach Donovan Duckie (left) issues instructions to Samar Rowe during a recent Red Stripe Premier League game.

Waterhouse's head coach, Donovan Duckie, said he is feeling ecstatic about being in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) final for the first time.

Duckie guided Humble Lion to the RSPL semi-final stage last year and was beaten by eventual champions Arnett Gardens. However, he was replaced and came to Waterhouse with the team battling relegation in November.

Since then, Duckie transformed the team into a title-contending force and they will battle Portmore United in the final tonight at the National Stadium, starting at 8:35, after getting by Arnett Gardens in the semis. It was a victory that the coach shared with the players and supporters from his former team.

"I am ecstatic. Definitely, I dedicated the victory against Arnett sharing it with Humble Lion and the people of Clarendon. Everybody knew that Arnett had beaten us twice in the semi-final. I also have roots in Clarendon and I am close to the players and the people," Duckie shared, while explaining his reasons for dedicating the win against Arnett Gardens to Humble Lion.

"I wanted to share that victory with them and the people of Waterhouse, because it was a hurdle I could not pass while at Humble Lion," he also said.




"After losing to Arnett twice with Humble Lion, we sat and cried together. I wanted to share this happy moment with them," Duckie noted.

Duckie noted that after securing their place in next season's RSPL competition, Waterhouse really started looking at possibly winning the title after defeating Harbour View in the quarter-finals.

"At first I was asked to save the team from relegation following the early struggles. We did that with five games remaining in the preliminary stage. We celebrated after being in the top six. We were not playing with any expectation to be in the final. But, after the win against Harbour View in the quarter-final, it got serious," said Duckie, who is anticipating a tough encounter tonight.

"Now, we are in the final against Portmore and it will be a tough game," he concluded.

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