daCosta Cup by 2020 - Munro seek to end 50-odd year title drought

May 01, 2018

Having not laid hands on the daCosta Cup since 1964, Munro College has set about raising funds to ensure it becomes a football powerhouse within two years.

The school has hired high-profile coach Patrick 'Jackie' Walters as it seeks to improve its chances of being crowned the top rural area football team.

"We wanted a coach [with a] track record, and of course, Jackie has a spectacular track record. We wanted to tap into his genius and expertise to not just win daCosta Cup, but put in place a programme that will far outlive him and my administration for a strong footing for Munro College moving forward," said principal of Munro College, Mark Smith.

In addition, a GoFundMe account, Munro College daCosta Cup Drive, has been launched with a target of generating US$50,000 (approximately J$6.3 million) towards the school's football programme.

"What we are looking to put in place is not just a win for this year. In fact, it is a three-year plan that we are looking at that would start with putting in technical support structures to ensure that by 2020, we are able the put up a strident fight towards claiming the crown," Smith said.

Within three days of the Munro College daCosta Cup Drive being launched, six persons have contributed US$1,290 (approximately J$162,000). Smith believes the target will be surpassed.

"It's obvious there is a lot of enthusiasm generated by that call made to the association (past students) and our stakeholders to come on board and support the renaissance of our sporting programme, in particular football," said Smith.

He added: "It's not just daCosta Cup, but a reinvigoration and renaissance of our entire sporting programme. We are doing so by restructuring and modernising the programme, using our football programme to spearhead the whole effort."

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