Whitmore disappointed by absent national invitees

June 07, 2018
File Coach Theodore Whitmore (right) gives instructions to several members of the national senior football team during a training session last year.

Senior national men's football team head coach, Theodore Whitmore, was left bitterly disappointed by a couple of players who refused to take up their invitation to the national team's training camp which started this week, but instead chose to fly to the US for vacation.

Whitmore is not impressed by this development and argued that these players risk missing out on the League of Nation squad. "We have to take a different approach," he said. If we continue the same way, we are going to get the same results. Two players have not turned up. They have gone overseas and I am disappointed by the players not reporting to camp. That is sending the wrong message, you have to be serious about what you want," he told STAR Sports.

"We can't have national players leaving the country and coming back at the end of July or the first week of August. The opportunity is theirs to grab. We gave them a break and now we are getting back together because Nations League is around the corner and they are not here. But if they are not selected come August, you are going to hear all sort of things about the coach. They are ruling themselves out, but the federation and coach comes under pressure when you don't select them," he continued.

Whitmore did not wish to identify the players specifically, but said an investigation was launched, but he warned that players who disregarded their invitation to train could suffer major consequence.

"I asked the manager to investigate," he said. "A national player cannot take the same approach as regular player. If we have a game tomorrow or next week, what will happen. We would have to go without that player, so automatically that player ruled himself out.," Whitmore reasoned.

He then point to Shamar Nicholson as an example of how players need to behave out-of-season. "Boza (Nicholson) has been here for a couple of weeks and he has found himself at training. Shamar knows how important it is, because he cannot go back and not be in shape. So if young Shamar Nicholson can come back and do this, then local players have to look and take a page out of Boza's book," he said.

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