Whitmore implementing new style of play

June 09, 2018
File Coach Theodore Whitmore (right) gives instructions to several members of the national senior football team during a training session last year.

With increasing calls for the country to adapt a unified style of play, Jamaica's senior men's football team coach, Theodore Whitmore, says he is working assiduously with his technical team to devise and implement a style that will suit the natural abilities of Jamaican players.

Whitmore, who was present at the Captain Horace Burrell Memorial Lecture at the Courtleigh Auditorium on Thursday evening, says implementing a style of play from the grass root level would give a clear indication of where the football programme is going.

"It is something that we have been having a discussion around, but it is just for us to conclude on it," Whitmore said. "I agree with what is being said, because all the time we have been hearing that Jamaica's team must play like a Brazil or Argentina, and I think we have to play like Jamaica. Create our own style."

He continued: "We have to play according to our strengths. This will tell the country where we plan to take our football."

natural capabilities

The 1998 World Cup veteran said the technical team has already identified a particular style, but they are currently in the process of tweaking it, to ensure that it suits the natural capabilities of the players.

"We have identified a particular way that we want to play but what I would like to see is for us as the technical staff to sit and put together a style of play that is going to suit Jamaica's football - something that will make the most out of the type of players we have available. Even if Theodore Whitmore is not the coach tomorrow, then the new man in charge would have to follow suit," Whitmore said.

Whitmore says that by the end of the month, the style of play should be ready to be implemented.

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