'Cup Head' to quit Wadadah

June 23, 2018
Ricardo Makyn/Multimedia Photo Editor Wadadah FC defender (left) Jamar Johnson closely marks Barbican FC player Shaquille Lewis, in the Magnum Charley's JB JFF Premier League Playoff on Sunday June 17.

Long-serving Wadadah FC coach Daniel 'Cup Head' Ricketts insists his cup is full and he will walk away from the St James club after eight years in charge.

The former national midfielder, who represented Wadadah before making the transition to coaching after they were relegated in 2007, has struggled to help the former Premier League champion return to the top-flight and he cites lack of discipline, lack of a proper administrative structure, and insufficient resources as reasons for throwing in the towel.

"I love Wadadah. I have supported Wadadah since I was a boy. I am trying to keep a dream alive. But if you are trying and others are leaving and you are the one keeping the dream alive, maybe it is just time for you to walk away," he told STAR Sports.

"At this point I feel this season is the last. I enjoyed coaching Wadadah no matter what, even when people disrespected me. Many people tell me to leave, but who is going to take it up," he continued.

Although someone is interested in funding the club next season, Ricketts revealed he is required to continue coaching, but admits he dreads another season.

"We believe someone will take it, as someone is showing interest. But they want me to stay on and I told them I'm tired. Even if the (interested) person gets a coach, I would still come around and ensure everything is dealt with properly," he said.

Wadadah sits bottom of the four-team JFF Premier League play-off with zero point from four matches. They have failed in their third attempt to qualify for the Premier League, with two matches to go, and Ricketts points to indiscipline and poor administration as the main factors for their dismal performance in the qualifiers..

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