Waterhouse, Mt Pleasant race for Donovan Duckie

July 03, 2018
@Normal:A teary-eyed coach Donovan Duckie (left) embraces Mount Pleasant Football Academy player Horace Sharpe, who scored the winning goal for his team against Barbican FC in the Magnum/Charley's JB promotion play-off at the Barbican Complex in St Andrew yesterday.

Donovan Duckie is the most-sought-after personality in local football this off- season. After he lifted Waterhouse out of relegation zone and guided them to the final of the Red Stripe Premier League, the St Mary native 'jointly' coached Mount Pleasant Academy to the nation's top-flight league.

His performance over the past nine months has put him in a befuddled state as he is in two minds as to where he will coach this coming season.

Donovan White, president of Waterhouse, told STAR Sports that his club is in discussion with Duckie about his future at the club.

"The club is still in discussion with Mr Duckie and until those arrangements are finalised, it would be inappropriate for me to comment on the matter," White said. "He is our coach. He has a contractual arrangement with the club."

Though the terms of the contract Duckie has with the Drewsland-based club is hazy, it makes Waterhouse the front-runner to secure Duckie for the upcoming season.

But, Mount Pleasant manager, David Galloway, is waiting on a slip-up to snatch away the National Under-23 coach.

"Donovan is always part of the academy. He has been here for a period of time, but as to whether he will coach us next season, it depends on the decision he makes with the other club," Galloway explained.




White refused to discuss the terms of Duckie's current contract. "It would be inappropriate for me to do so at this time," White said.

Early last month, the Jamaica Football Federation listed Duckie as the head coach of Mount Pleasant, but he denied the position when he was contacted by STAR Sports then.

"I have assisted with the youth programme for over two years and that is known to everybody. But 'Tegat' is the head coach. They played (Dunbeholden in the Premier League play-offs) the other day and Duckie was not on the bench and I don't have any seat on their bench, so I must to be the ghost head coach. Because how can you have a head coach and he is not on your bench," Duckie said at the time.

But after the St Ann-based beat Barbican 2-1 on Sunday to secure their spot in the nation's top flight, Duckie reneged on his previous stance, saying that he is the joint head coach of Mount Pleasant.

"I would say I am joint head coach of the senior team," Duckie said after the match.

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