Trelawny FA banks on Falmouth to return parish to Premier League

July 10, 2018
Reggae star Ky-Mani Marley (centre) with the Falmouth United team.

Marlene Brown, president of the Trelawny Football Association, says Falmouth United must prepare properly if they want to achieve their objective of qualifying for the Premier League in the 2019/20 season.

"They have to put their house in order in terms of analysing where they are going and knowing what the Confed takes. So they need to put plans in place so they can be competitive at that level as much as to win," said Brown, who is also the general secretary of the JFF Western Confederation Super League.

Falmouth FC recently won the Trelawny Major League title and have attained promotion to the JFF Western Confederation Super League.

"The adequate financial resources that they have must be used properly, or else it will be in vain. If Falmouth want to be the champions of the Confed next season, they have to make sure they are disciplined and committed to the task and the plan of where the club wants to go," said Brown, who is hopeful that next season's champions will come from Trelawny and will go on to represent the parish in the Premier League.

Village United was the last Trelawny team to play in the Premier League. The side was relegated in 2012.

Brown continued to express that having two strong teams in the Western Confederations Super League represents the level of football in the parish.

"Over the years, St James and Westmoreland would dominate, so with Falmouth joining, and given their strong financial support, we could have two strong teams in the parish (the other being Harmony) to go forward," said Brown.

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