Not afraid of 'town' teams - St Thomas FA boss

July 13, 2018
St Thomas Football Association president Wayne Thompson.

President of the St Thomas Football Association, Wayne Thompson is in full support of the new promotion play-off system, which is being implemented by the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF).

Thompson noted that team's from the parish are not afraid to compete against their counterparts from the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) or those based in St Catherine.

Earlier this year, the JFF Board of Directors ratified a proposal to have four clubs from KSAFA, four from St Catherine and four from St Thomas compete in one zone with the winner advancing to the 2019-20 Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL).

"It was a board decision, so it was accepted. We don't have any difficulty competing against clubs from St Catherine and KSAFA. In our Under-15 programme, we have always played against teams from St Catherine and other parishes. They (under 15 players) have matriculated into the senior programme," Thompson told STAR Sports yesterday.

"We have also done well in the elite Under-18 league so we are able to compete. We don't have a difficulty, as several seasons ago, York went close in the Premier League play-offs, the same season when UWI qualified," he explained.

"One of the things we recognised is that the clubs need to have good structure in order to gain qualification. We have not done that for many years, but we can compete against St Catherine and KSAFA clubs," said Thompson, who has been at the helm of the St Thomas FA since 2009.

In a STAR lead article published on June 1, KSAFA's president Wayne Shaw was adamant that it will not participate in a new promotion play-off system by the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) and argued that it was introduced to - in his words, "mash up KSAFA".

Shaw had said that his organisation would boycott the new RSPL promotion system.

"What they (JFF) want is four clubs from KSAFA, four from St Catherine, and four Major League clubs from St Thomas to play in this league. And, the winner would go to the Premier League play-off. This would mean there would be no more Super League in KSAFA," Shaw pointed out at the time.


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