Dunbeholden to make Prison Oval their home

July 23, 2018
Craig Gayle (right) celebrating with teammates after scoring in a playoff encounter against Wadadah FC for promotion to the Red Stripe Premier League at the Dunbeholden Complex on June 10.

Newly promoted Red Stripe Premier League outfit Dunbeholden will play their home games at the Prison Oval in Spanish Town.

The St Catherine-based club will have to temporarily abandon their home ground, the Dunbeholden Complex, because it has not met the requirements imposed by the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF).

Last season's champions, Portmore United, also play their home games at the Prison Oval.

Dunbeholden played their three home games during the series at the Dunbeholden Complex. However, because they did not have seated stands at the Complex, the venue is not ready to host RSPL games.

Founder and president of Dunbeholden, Donovan Witter, says that discussions to play home games at Prison Oval are favourable at this time.

"We are currently in discussions to play games at Prison Oval. At the beginning, it appears that we will be there until our home turf is ready," Witter told STAR Sports.

"Right now, there are three major things that are preventing us from playing at Dunbeholden. The stands, spectator restrooms, and a small perimeter fence. Our focus is to put the stands on the opposite side to the main road. Those are the challenges that we are trying to address," he added.


"We are in discussion with several sponsors, including Burger King, Stewart's auto, and Gore Developers. However, we are still putting a budget together for the season," Witter also said.

Witter also shared his joy when the team gained promotion in its two decades of playing club football in St Catherine.

"It was great for me knowing that I started the club from my school days. It was like winning an Olympic medal. When I made a first attempt to play in a league neither Spanish Town nor Portmore readily accepted us based on the location," Witter shared.

The club made history when it topped the Magnum/Charley's JB/JFF Promotion series that finished on July 1.

Dunbeholden ended on 12 points ahead of Mount Pleasant's 11, who also qualified for the first time.

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