Ffriend looking to give back through one-day clinic

August 08, 2018
Kimani Ffriend

Hoops and Ffriends have joined force with Youth Crime Watch for a one-day basketball clinic this Saturday at the University of the West Indies gymnasium.

The inaugural clinic, which is open to male and female players in the 8-18 age group, starts at 10 a.m. and continues to 4 p.m.

Kimani Ffriend, a Jamaican who has played professionally across the world, is the chief organiser, and believes there is a lot of talent here for basketball, and is looking to give back to the sport that he has benefited from.

"There is an appetite here for basketball and a lot of talent, so we want to give them another avenue. Basketball was a fast growing sport here in the 1990s, so I want it to get back there," Ffriend told STAR Sports about his decision to organise the clinic.




"I was introduced to basketball by Basil 'Spidey' Barrett while attending Ardenne High. I never liked basketball as I excelled in track and field, cricket and football where I represented Belair High after leaving Ardenne," the former Jamaica representative explained.

"I believe that other kids should be given the opportunity to play basketball. We want to have a system to teach the kids to play organised basketball. This is just a start, so I am hoping to have it annually.I want to start something from the grassroots and build it here in Jamaica as a person who has played professionally," Ffriend outlined.

Ffriend also confirmed that Aaron Walsh, a renowned coach from Washington DC will be here to assist in the clinic.

"We will be working on ball-handling drills to introduce the kids to the sport. I want to develop basketball here and I believe I can do that starting from the grassroots level," said the retired 41 year-old.

Meanwhile, Kethania Griffiths, CEO of Youth Crime Watch, said that her organisation quickly accepted an invitation from Ffriend to partner in the one-day clinic.

KIG is the title sponsor, while associate sponsors include Nestle, Crimson Dawn, ICAN Foundation, Spokes and Hoop Kidz.

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