'We need your support'

August 09, 2018

Portmore United's coach, Shavar Thomas, says the support from the fans of Arnett Gardens and Portmore United will be important when both teams square off against round-of-16 opponents this evening at the National Stadium.

In the first game at 6:30 pm. Portmore take a 2-0 lead into their contest against Santos de Guapiles of Costa Rica before Arnett Gardens will try to overturn a 3-0 deficit against Arabe Unidos of Panama at 9 p.m.

But although both teams are faced with contrasting situations, Thomas says the support from local fans could prove crucial for both teams.

"It's important that we have not only our (Portmore) fans, but the all local fans, as the two Jamaican teams in the competition need the support. If our fans, the Arnett Gardens and Portmore United supporters, can rally behind both teams it would definitely give us an edge," he said.




Thomas said he is expecting the visitors to come at them hard from early, but he says they are prepared and confident of moving on

"We are ready to go and prepared to advance to the next round. I expect Santos to come the first 10-15 minutes and try to push us back and get a goal and then see where that takes them in the second half. But we are prepared for them and we have our strengths and they must also worry about us as we are confident going in.

"So going into this leg we just have to play for each other and see it through," he added.

Waite also believes local fan support will be very important if they are to get back in the tie.

"The supporters are always behind the Arnett Gardens team. They (Arabe Unidos) have the upper hand, but if the players do a good job and get the supporters involved, that will be important. We are at home and we have nothing to lose. It is our duty to put everything forward and see how best the team can absorb that pressure. It is not easy but this is something we can overcome," he insisted.

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