More gems to be unearthed in 'forgotten parish' - Hue

August 18, 2018
In this file photo from Sunday April 21, 2013, Harbour View's Jermaine Hue (left) skips away from Boys Town's Carlos Wright during a Red Stripe Premier League encounter at Collie Smith Drive.


Jermaine Hue, former midfielder for Jamaica, came to national prominence in the mid-1990s by displaying his nipping skills and accurate passes on the grounds of the Eastern Banana Complex in front of hundreds of roaring St Thomas Technical High School fans.

The experience, according to Hue, set the foundation for a successful career at Harbour View FC and the Jamaica senior men's football team.

Hue, who retired in 2015, believes that there are other gems waiting to be unearthed in the 'forgotten parish', and has made it one of his life's missions to assist in discovering them through the Jermaine Hue Football Foundation.

As expected, one of the first beneficiaries of the foundation is the football programme at St Thomas Technical, which has received $150,000 recently from the left-footer to assist with the 2018 daCosta Cup campaign.

"My talent was nurtured and refined at St Thomas Technical," Hue said. "It is only right that we start at Technical, but the main aim is to assist schools and clubs in the parish."

Hue, who is now making a living playing semi-professional football in the United States, said that he also wants to render assistance to underprivileged students in the parish.

"Not much is going on in the parish of St Thomas, so if I can help out some of the youth to further their education, then I am going to do that," Hue said.

The Jermaine Hue Football Foundation started in 2016.

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