Hue backs Harbour View leadership

August 21, 2018
Harbour View's Jermaine Hue (left) skips away from Boys' Town's Carlos Wright during a Red Stripe Premier League encounter at Collie Smith Drive in 2013.

Jermaine Hue believes his beloved Harbour View FC will get back to the top of the Red Stripe Premier League soon as the right persons are in charge at the club.

Hue helped to orchestrate Harbour View's four Premier League titles from midfield throughout his more than two decades at the club, the last one coming two years before his retirement in 2015.

The 40-year-old said club chairman, Carvel Stewart, has always insisted that past players are the best persons to maintain the club's standards and now that Ricardo 'Bibi' Gardner and Fabian Taylor are in charge of the senior team, it will not be long before Harbour View are Premier League champions again.




"The right people are in charge in terms of Fabian Taylor and Ricardo Gardner and they know the club right through. That was what the chairman (Carvel Stewart) always wanted in terms of past players coming back to the club, and playing a major part in the club," Hue said.

According to Hue, the club is going through a rebuilding phase, as the nucleus of players they have relied on for many years have retired from the game.

"I think when a club has a nucleus of players for a number of years and those players leave, it is going to take time to rebuild. I think the club is in a rebuilding phase, but the games that I have watched, I think there is a lot of talent there," Hue said.

Harbour View were knocked out of the play-offs of the league last season at the quarter-final stage.

The St Thomas native said that some day, he will play his part in giving back to the club.

"I hope that one day I will be able to go back to Harbour View and help in some way, but right now I have my family here (New York), so I just can't leave like that," Hue said.

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