Expect great things from us - Dunbeholden coach

August 22, 2018

Dunbeholden FC coach, Michael Cohen, says the football public can expect 'great things' from his team when they take the field in their debut Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) season, which kicks-off on September 16.

Recently Cavalier coach, Rudolph Speid, praised the two promoted teams and that they will pose a real threat to the traditional big boys in the league.

But although Cohen was tight-lipped about his team's transfer activities, he expects a competitive season from his troops and warned that they intend to play well and win games.




"So far things are going good. Preparation has gone good. We have been preparing for a little over one month and we are about 60 percent. We are almost ready and by the (starting) day we will be ready. Right now everybody is gelling. We are making some errors but we are correcting them. We are coming to compete, so look out for great things from us," he told Star Sports..

The St Catherine based club has brought in five new players to strengthen certain areas according to Cohen, but he insists their game is more about team work than individual play.

"For the recruitment we looked at some unknown players that fit our style of play. I have brought in five players. Areas that needed strengthening, those are the areas we have strengthened. But I can tell you, expect great things from this team," he stated.

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