Hurdlers ready for Diamond league final

August 25, 2018

Hurdlers Danielle Williams and Hansle Parchment are looking to finish their seasons with a bang when they compete in the finals of their respective events in the IAAF Diamond League Final on Friday.

The two athletes have put together relatively successful seasons.

Williams, who was crowned World champion in the 100m hurdles at the World Athletics Championships in 2015, is having the best season of her career since those exploits, as she has won silver medals at the Commonwealth Games and North America, Central America and Caribbean (NACAC) Championships.

She also did personal best in the event this season with her 12.48 seconds effort.

"Training for the Diamond league Final has been going well," Williams told STAR Sports.

Parchment finished second in the 110m hurdles at the Commonwealth Games. But at the NACAC Senior Championships, he managed to eke out a victory.


He told STAR Sports earlier this week during one of his training sessions that a good race execution is all he needs to win the race.

"If you look at the races all season, all of us have been beating each other, so I think it will come down to who executes the best on the day," Parchment said.

The former Morant Bay High School athlete is ranked seventh in the Diamond League standing with 16 points. His compatriots Ronald Levy and Omar McLeod are ranked in front of him at third and fifth, respectively.

McLeod, who is the reigning World champion, will not compete next week though as he has called time on his season due to injury.

Williams is ranked third in the women's 100m hurdles with 23 points. Americans Brianna Rollins-McNeal and Sharika Nelvis are ranked first and second with 38 and 34 points, respectively.

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