Different STETHS, same goal - Wedderburn

August 28, 2018

After coming up empty handed in the 2017 schoolboy football season, coach of St Elizabeth Technical high, Omar 'Rambo' Wedderburn said he needed some 'soul searching' and after an extended sabbatical, the flambouyant coach has concluded that a change in their approach was needed.

Wedderburn has led the St Elizabeth school to two daCosta Cup and four Ben Francis KO titles during his four years in charge, but after ending last season trophy-less and ending the season with a disappointing loss to Kingston College in the Flow Super Cup final, he declared that he needed some time to reflect.

"As of the last game last season, the Super Cup final, I had to go and do some soul searching. While reflecting on things, I realised that we have been doing the same things over the last 10 years, so that is where we had to stop and look," he said.

Wedderburn said the gap on the coaching landscape between schools has been closed significantly and there is not much of a difference. As a result, he says they will have to upgrade their approach if they intend to reclaim their crown as kings of rural area schoolboy football.

"Other schools have caught up on us. You have many good coaches now, so it's not easy. It's not like back then when there were only a few good coaches. Right now we are all good, we have all done studies, some have gone overseas. So it's a coach versus coach game now, not just player versus player. So after my soul search I have come to the realisation of what we are doing wrong. It's a new age and we will be doing things a bit different at STETHS," he told STAR Sports.

Meanwhile, after retaining the core of their squad from last season, Wedderburn is looking to go all the way this season.

"Each year we enter the competition, we enter to win. It might not go like that all the time, but that is always our objective. There is never a year we enter not to win and this year we will have a lot of new stuff and new things to execute, so we are just waiting on the September 8. So far we are very pleased with how things have gone and I think the reflection has done a lot for the programme, the school, the players, the staff and me as well," he added.

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