Trinity ready despite losing senior players

September 07, 2018
Devon Anderson, head coach of Holy Trinity High School football team.
Nichalos Thomas

Devon Anderson, the coach of Holy Trinity High School's Manning Cup team, says his side could make another deep run in the competition this year despite losing the majority of his senior players.

Anderson, whose boys were undefeated up until they were knocked out of the competition at the semi-final stage last year, told STAR Sports that he and his coaching staff had given his Under-16 players much exposure to Manning Cup football last year and he believes this will enable them to step up to the pace quickly this season.

"Last year in the first round, we used most of the under-16 team with a blend of the older guys. We had two teams for the first round. Team A we used for the crucial matches and when we put away those teams we naturally bring on the younger guys for some experience and I think having done that it will certainly help us this year," Anderson said in one of his training sessions earlier this week.

"We had a roller coaster preseason but I expect the guys to step up to the occasion once the season starts," he added.




According to Anderson, his team is prepared to compete with the best teams in the competition. "My side can beat any team out there but it just depends on if they will turn up on the day."

Anderson also noted that he still has not gotten over the heart-wrenching 3-2 extra time defeat in the semi-final to eventual champions Jamaica College last year.

"Based upon how the semi-final finished, we could have easily put away that game and we are coming back this year with a bit of disappointment," Anderson said.

"One of those players who could have closed the deal is back with us and he is raring to make it right this time."

Holy Trinity will open their campaign against Waterford High School tomorrow in Waterford, St Catherine.

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