New Style of play at Harbour View

September 22, 2018
Marvin Stewart of Tivoli Garden FC tries to stop Tyreek Magee (right) of Harbour View from advancing during their Red Stripe Premier League game at the Harbour View Stadium on Thursday, February 15, 2018.
File Taylor

Fabian Taylor, the assistant coach of Harbour Football Club, says his team is finally adapting to the style of play he and Ricardo 'Bibi' Gardner has been trying to implement since they have taken over the reins of their former club.

"We like to put the ball on the ground and make a lot of passes and be patient. It is looking much better. With time, they (players) will understand how we want them to play," Taylor said.

"We have a good set of young players who are capable of becoming leaders of Harbour View and if they continue to work and listen to what we are saying as coaches, then we will get better."

Harbour View eked out a draw in the opening match against UWI FC of 2018-19 Red Stripe premier League season on Thursday, a fixture which was rescheduled after the UWI Mona Bowl was waterlogged on Sunday due to torrential rain.

The Stars of the East took the lead in the 52nd minute when Christopher Harvey scored from the spot.

Their lead was short-lived though after two goalkeeping errors from Christian Kluvis put UWI FC in the lead in less than five minutes. Substitute Bebeto McDonald and Sean Fraser made sure their team walked away with a point though, as they combined to score in the 87th minute.

McDonald using his speed to dismiss his opponents before executing a perfect cross that Fraser only needed to tap in. The match ended 2-2.

Midfielders Tyreek Magee and Peter-Lee Vassell led the way with the new style of play Taylor talked about, as they stringed together a series of passes in the first half that created a lot of problems for the UWI backline.

"They played well together, but they have to learn to work without the ball and transition back into defence," Taylor explained.

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