We must execute against Cavalier – Waite

January 25, 2019

Jerome Waite, head coach of Arnett Gardens, said his team will have to execute in all areas of the field to secure three points against Cavalier in their Red Stripe Premier encounter on Monday night.

The match is scheduled for the Tony Spaulding Sports Complex at 8:30 p.m.

Arnett, who are coming off a 2-1 away defeat to Humble Lion in their last game, are currently fourth in the table on 34. They are six points behind Cavalier, who are third.

Waite, whose team has recorded one win in its last five games, said Monday night's encounter is very important for team in their quest to securing a spot in the top two.

"It is a very important game because Cavalier have a momentum, while we are still struggling to find our right footing," Waite said.

"One of the things that have been affecting us is the amount of chances that we are creating, and we're still not finishing," he said. "I think this game will be a crucial encounter, and it is always good to know that the players understand the importance of their execution, and, hopefully, they can get it right."

Despite his team's poor form in its last five games, which stands at one win, one draw and three defeats, Waite said that the Junglists have not been playing badly.

"It is going to be two things about the game, one is to ensure that we get a clean sheet, and the next one is to outscore the opponents," Waite said.

"We are not playing badly, but one of our biggest problems is to execute. We just have to continue working on that area, and, hopefully, we can get it right on the day," he said.

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