Kelly had a lot of promise – Speid

January 30, 2019
Calvin Kelly of Wolmer’s Boys’ School (right) challenged Kingston College’s Rashawn Mackison in a Walker Cup match in 2016. Kelly collapsed and died last Sunday.

Two members of the Wolmer’s Boys School football fraternity remember Calvin Kelly, a product of the Heroes Circle institution who collapsed and died last Sunday, as a promising footballer.

It is reported that Kelly met his fate doing what he loves playing football in his native community of Lane Past, Golden Spring, in St Andrew.

It is still unclear as to what caused to his death.

Rudolph Speid, who worked with Kelly while he was at Wolmer’s and also during the 19-year-old’s short stint at NCB in the Business House Football, said that Kelly had the ability to change a dressing room in a positive way.

“He had some promise, and he was the type of player that you would want to work with. He always comes to training and is very disciplined. He is a coach’s player,” Speid explained.

“I remember he played a pivotal role in us (Wolmer’s) winning the Flow Cup that year. The Wolmer’s fraternity is in mourning. I know a lot of the players who are upset about it.”

He continued: “He actually followed me to NCB, where he played as left back. I am also the technical director at NCB.”

Current head coach of Wolmer’s Manning Cup team Alex Thomas, who was the assistant coach while Kelly was at school, remembers him as a jovial person.

“He was the heart of that team in 2016. Coming from Oberlin High School, he came to Wolmer’s and fit right in and had the natural ability to make people smile. He will be missed,” Thomas said.






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