Campbell’s family remain optimistic – agent

February 11, 2019

Agent Ray Flynn yesterday toldThe Gleaner that doctors were still trying to determine what caused Jamaican Olympian Kemoy Campbell to collapse, while competing at the Millrose Games in New York on Saturday.

Flynn pointed out that there was not much detail at this point, but shared that several tests were still being conducted on the national record holder, who, up to yesterday, was being treated at the Intensive Care Unit at the New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

The agent added that the athlete's family preferred not to speak on the situation at this point, but underlined that they remain positive that he will recover.

"They are conducting further tests on him at the hospital and the family doesn't want to release any detail," said Flynn. "I know that they are working through different tests to see what the matter is."


The 28-year-old Campbell, who was on pacing duty in the 3000 metres event, which took place at The Armory on Saturday, walked off the track, after five laps - or 1000 metres into the race, and collapsed on the inside of the track.

He was attended to and revived by emergency service units at the venue, who treated him for almost 30 minutes, before transporting him to the hospital, where he's reportedly on assisted breathing.

Flynn pointed out that the athlete's family is with him and that they remain optimistic.

"I don't have anything in detail, but I did ask them (family) if they wanted to say anything and they did not because the family doesn't want to put anything out there," Flynn said.

"I think that they (family) are optimistic and are praying. They are with him and so it is a great hospital and they are checking him and keeping him comfortable and he is going to be okay," Flynn said.

Campbell became the first Jamaican male to compete in a World Championships 5000m final, when he finished 10th in the event at London 2017.

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