G.C. Foster ready to take on sports research

February 14, 2019

GC Foster College is embarking on a new frontier in sports as it has added a new department to conduct advance research on local sports fraternities.

Acting principal Maurice Wilson said that the research department will seek to answer many questions that have left the public bedeviled about the country’s sporting exploits.

“I really want to congratulate the Ministry of Education because recently we were given an additional post for a research officer. I realised in order to move forward, we have support what we think with research,” he said. “Lack of research has caused us to use terms loosely without understanding what athletes are going through.

Professional level

A lot of people have been saying that many of our athletes haven’t been transitioning from high school to the professional level and no research has been done to find out if it is the same in other countries or we have a better rate of athletes making the transition than other countries.”

Wilson said the department is in the process of researching several topics he believes will enable the island’s coaches to prepare athletes better for various sporting endevours.

Recently, president of the Jamaica Olympic Association, Chris Samuda, told STAR Sports that he fears Jamaica might get left behind in the development of athletes as first world countries have been using scientific research to move ahead.

“What we have to do is to ensure that GC Foster College is equipped with scientific competencies. What has happened is that these first world countries are far advanced with the science and we need to complement the academic with the science,” Samuda said.

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