Kemoy Campbell says thanks

February 14, 2019
Emergency service personnel remove Kemoy Campbell of Jamaica from the track after he collapsed during his duty as a pacesetter in the men’s 3000 metres race at the Millrose Games track and field meet on Saturday, February 9, in New York.

The GoFundMe account set to raise US$200,000 to assist Jamaica’s distance runner Kemoy Campbell with his medical expenses has gone past US$48,000 after two days.Campbell, the national 5,000 and 3,000 metres record holder, collapsed during the men’s 3,000m at last weekend’s Millrose Games in New York. He has been in the New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Hospital since the mishap but has been responding well to treatment.

Yesterday, the athlete posted a smiling photograph on Instagram with a caption which thanked the many people who have sent him kind words of support.

“I really didn’t know how to start this caption and while I started writing, tears flowed from my eyes. I realise that I’m either very lucky or someone was watching out for me on Saturday. I cry because I know what the people who truly care about me went through and when I heard my dad’s voice on the phone, I couldn’t stop crying. “I heard the shock, sadness, pain, and relief all at once. For those who don’t know me, I push myself hard in practice and give nothing but my best in whatever I’m doing .... Until my heart stopped at Millrose Games on Saturday, I don’t remember any of it and I know there are videos around, but I don’t need to see them.

“It’s been tough, not physically but mentally, it has been a battle. “Anyway, for those who care, I am recovering. I walked yesterday (Tuesday) for the first time and I was a little dizzy ... Most of all though I want to thank everyone who donated to help me get back on track. I love you all.”

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