Sentimental Samuels

February 15, 2019
STAR of the Month, Marlon Samuels
STAR of the Month, Marlon Samuels

While some may see Windies all- rounder Marlon Samuels as confident, brash and lacking sensitivity or sentimentality, he recently showed another sign of him to journalists gathered for an interview at The Gleaner's headquarters on North Street, Kingston.

Samuels, known for carrying a 'lucky rag' with him to the crease while batting, showed a sentimental side to him when he explained that it was given to him by former Australia captain and all-rounder, Steve Waugh.

Because he holds Waugh in high regard, he sees the rag as priceless.

"Steve Waugh, Australia's greatest captain, first time mi see him, him always have it (by his waist) and him bat wid it," Samuels said. "Suh mi a watch him, cos a di first time mi a go close to Steve Waugh. And mi a seh 'Why him using it?

"He has had that rag for 22 years. When di man reach a 40 or a 50, him tek out di rag and wipe him face. The rag so old, di rag leff back pon him face, but him kotch it back pon him pocket. Suh mi have di opportunity to get close to him fi ask him bout it, and di man seh: 'Well, it's a lucky rag and mi have it fi 22 years.'"

Samuels said that Waugh spotted his potential very early in his career and backed him for a bright future in cricket.

" I've done so well as a 19-year-old, When the series finished, West Indies went over to Australia and in my first tour, I did well," he said. "Even inna fi unnu paper, unnu write inna The Gleaner seh: 'Seet deh, one lamb a go to di slaughter. How dem fi pick a 19 year old? Dem a go kill him dung a Australia.'

"Steve Waugh stand up inna di room just like dat and seh: 'If West Indies can find talent, there must be more down there. Him tek a scissors from the physio and him cut di rag in half and give me half."

The STAR of the Month, clad in attire from his 'Icon7' fashion line, was asked to explain whether the pair of black gloves he wore was also because of superstition. He denied this and also the possibility of him being germophobic. However, he gave a spiritual reason.

"From Michael Jackson gone, nobody nuh tek up di gloves, suh mi just tek it up," he joked. "Mi shake a lot of hands yuh nuh. I'm a very popular person. One of the ways somebody can get to your soul is through your palms."

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