No easy feat – Walcott - STETHS win fifth straight west title

February 20, 2019
St Elizabeth Technical High School boys celebrate after claiming their fifth straight Western Championship title.

Reynaldo Walcott, coach of St Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS) track and field team, said it was no easy feat winning the boys section of the Digicel Grand Prix Western Championship.

The boys from Santa Cruz tallied more than 424 to claim their fifth straight title with the next best team, Petersfield High School finishing far behind with 293.5 points.

“We don’t really take anything likely so we pay attention to the competition. We didn’t start the day thinking that we are defending champions. We started thinking we need to go out there and work for every single point. It wasn’t an easy feat,” Walcott said.

“There were a lot of challenges all around. Firstly, I have to congratulate the throwers and jumpers who improved leaps and bounds. They put the track team under pressure this time around to perform and they did rise to the challenge.


He continued: “We were a bit weaker than normal in a few areas but we made good with what we had. We didn’t pick up any major injuries so it was a good championship, especially to be at home

Cornwall College (252.5), Rusea’s (141.83) and Herbert Morrison (123) rounded out the top five.

STETHS also grabbed a third-place finish in the girl’s section with 254 points, just behind Petersfield (274), and winners Rusea’s (411).

Walcott is hoping his team can take a great deal of confidence from this year’s regional performance as they look forward to the ISSA National Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championships.

“I would want to think the persons who did well will continue to do so and the ones who didn’t will use this (West Champs) as motivation ... Heading into Champs things are looking positive, however, it’s not much to ride home about. This is now history and you have to now create the future which we want to be a good one,” Walcott said.

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