A chance missed - Mishandled paperwork cost Amal Knight European opportunity

March 13, 2019
Amal Knight
Amal Knight

UWI goalkeeper Amal Knight said he was devastated recently after his opportunity came to sign a contract for a European club failed because of a mishandling of the paperwork.

Knight went on a two-week trial at FC Haka in Finland last month and according to the past Wolmers' Boys School player, the club was ready to sign him after seeing him perform on the first three days of the stint. But a mishandling of the paperwork between his current club UWI FC and the Finnish club caused his chance to slip away.

He did not divulge the exact reasons why the contract failed, but he expressed disappointment about what transpired.

"I went away on a trial in Finland and paperwork broke down between the clubs and the agent, so I had to come back home but that's life. I'm the ultimate professional and I am here back home playing my football. But this drives me to go even harder so I can get other opportunities as well," he told STAR Sports.


"I was devastated. It really affected me but with good people around, I stayed focus. Many people spoke to me, which I am thankful and those who know the situation reached out to me, so I am thankful to have those persons. But things happen in life. We don't have control over and that situation was one, so I just have to get back to work with UWI," he said.

"UWI has been good to me and I can't be ungrateful to them because things happen. I can't dwell on it either or I'm going to get flustered, but I am getting over it eventually. I know what happened and it's not on my part, so I am not disappointed with myself. They said to sign the contract which I did. It was just the paperwork why it fell apart, so I can't be upset," he said.

Meanwhile, Knight, who was outstanding in UWI's 0-0 draw with Waterhouse on Monday, said the result will prove important in the long run.

"There were a lot of positives, both teams did very even though it was nil-all. It was competitive and the crowd was entertained. We could have got the go-ahead goal, Waterhouse could have gotten the go-ahead goal, so it was a fair result. But the positive we take from it is that Waterhouse is playing extremely well and we went to their home and dug out a crucial point, which I believe will mean a lot to us," he said.

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