UEFA to avoid CL clash in Manchester

March 15, 2019
Manchester City’s Sergio Agüero celebrates after scoring during the Champions League round-of-16 second-leg, match between Manchester City and Schalke 04 at Etihad stadium in Manchester, on England, Tuesday, March 12, 2019.


UEFA will amend the Champions League quarter-final draw if both Manchester clubs are picked to play games at home in the same week.

UEFA says the decision was taken for security reasons. Manchester public authorities do not want City and United to play home legs at the same time or on back-to-back evenings.

According to UEFA rules, Man United’s home date will be changed if needed because the club finished beneath Premier League champion City last season.

UEFA will hold an open draw today with no seedings or nationality restrictions. The first legs will be played on April 9-10 and return games on April 16-17.

UEFA says the same rule will apply if both Manchester teams advance to the semi-finals. Those pairings will also be made today.

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