MBU must ‘wheel and come again’ - Team mascot says Powell can bring them back

March 19, 2019
Orville Powell

Montego Bay United (MBU) team mascot, Everton ‘Lunch’ McKenzie, believes the club just has to accept its fate this year and ‘wheel and come again’ next season with club owner Orville Powell at the forefront.

MBU’s 5-1 home loss to Portmore United on Sunday means that the western team is all but relegated.

“It’s just one of those things. From the start of the season it was kind of weak but we have to give thanks and praise we take it so far. Remember Orville Powell was away, he came back in the last part and save us little longer because we would be out long time. A just so it go,” McKenzie said. “Him just need to look into himself now and just wheel and come again. Get some ballers and start the journey again because all is not lost.”


He added that Powell is a true saviour for MBU and will bring them back to glory.

“A fi him it, enuh, no care what them want say; Seba or MoBay, a fi him team. He take it from where it was and give us trophy two times so nothing nuh wrong. Portmore before did name Hazard, did go down and come back. Cavalier go down and come back, Harbour View go down and come back, so it’s a process. We just have to wheel and come again,” he said.

McKenzie noted that relegation could be a blessing in disguise for the St James-based club that needs replenishment after the group of players that brought two titles didn’t seem as motivated and committed anymore.

“A couple of years ago, Pow (Powell) did say certain thing and if people cam remember, he said he would rather to start back over again because these ballers are not dedicated to the team. When you see a man leave the team and come every time, that ‘dilly-dally’ thing means him nuh concede him mind to play football for the club,” McKenzie said. “Me a past player and still deh yah with mi flag same way, so I’m more consistent than them although I’m not playing. Such is life, MBU to the world same way.”




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