Cricket’s my game! – Robinson

May 17, 2019

Julian Robinson, member of parliament for South East St Andrew, admits that although he has not played competitively for a long while, cricket is his game of choice.

He recalls 32 years ago as one of his proudest moments when his Campion College team defeated St Jago High School by two wickets at Sabina Park to win the 1987 Sunlight Cup Title for the first time. The school went on to win again in 1988.

Truly heartening

He notes his last official match was a friendly: Past students versus current students, many years ago at Campion.

However, he admits to a recent game that was truly heartening: "I played a little game of cricket week before last on a walk in the constituency of South West St Ann," Robinson shared.

In a video currently on his Instagram page (@julianjayrobinson), Robinson is seen powerfully hitting a ball much to the excitement of the crowd gathered. An onlooker can be heard saying "Ah six dat... di gen sec ah lick six."

Even with a hectic schedule, Robinson still enjoys watching T20 series, the Indian Premier League, and definitely his preferred format -- Test cricket.

There are many terms in cricket that are easily misunderstood.

Robinson believes: "Silly mid-on is a term non-cricketers don't understand. The silly mid-on fielder is very close to the batsman."

"It could be considered silly to be that close," the former cricketer said explaining the name.

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