MBCC building a sports legacy

June 11, 2019
From left: Dr Maureen Nelson, principal of Montego Bay Community College; Mathew Dowe, sportsman of the year; Paulette Watson, sportswoman of the year; Delano Smith, coach; and Vinette Fearon-Hall, dean of student services.

Montego Bay Community College (MBCC) recently hosted the inaugural staging of its Sports Award Ceremony, where the institution celebrated the achievements of student-athletes in intercollegiate sports and the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica (CCCJ) Track and Field Championships.

Principal Dr Maureen Nelson, credited MBBC’s improvement in sports to the commitment of sports coordinator and coach Delano Smith, who has led the growth of the programme.

“We are really excited about the development of sports at the college because we believe in the holistic development of our students. We inherited some areas of excellence but sports is one of those areas we wanted to get to the point where all the other areas were. With the engagement of coach Smith, we have been able to achieve quite a lot,” she said.

Nelson said that the change came because Smith is committed to the individual development of the student-athletes.

“He wants them to go to the Penn Relays, also wants individuals to get scholarships. We were able to get one last year and he wants a lot more,” Nelson said. “Last year at the CCCJ Championships we were able to dominate the female section but the males were not equal to the task. However, this year we were able to dethrone defending champions Knox (Community College). This is really as a result of the commitment from the staff that we have in the personal development of the students and their sacrifices. I know that they have been putting in a lot of work and are reaping the reward.”

When asked about one day getting to the level of other tertiary institutions when it comes to sports, Nelson told THE WESTERN STAR that it will take some financial backing.

“I don’t see us being at the level of those four top institutions (GC Foster College, UWI, UTech, and The Mico University College) simply because we don’t have a budget for sports in our subvention. Whatever the community colleges put into sports is going to come from the initiative of the administration,” she said. “We are going to work towards getting there ... I don’t see us knocking them off. I see us being as equal as they are but it will take a lot more commitment from the ministry if we are to achieve what the others have because they have a sports budget that drives what happens there.”

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