Dayton Campbell, an avid SDC community cricket fan

June 14, 2019
Davion Wilson from Yallahs looks back at his stumps went flying after he was clean bowled by Keith Edwards during the Social Development Corporation (SDC) T/20 Cricket at the Goodyear Oval in St Thomas on Sunday, May 26, 2019.

Away from the suit, tie and formalities that come with being a member of parliament, Dr Dayton Campbell is no stranger to enjoying a good game of cricket. An avid fan of the sport, Dr Campbell remains a fond spectator to this day.

He recalled fondly the days when he would often wake early to listen the West Indies matches being broadcast on radio for a chance to hear about the exploits of Sir Viv Richards and Brian Lara with his family.

“I used to get up in the mornings to listen to cricket on the radio. That’s pretty much what I recall of cricket back in those days,” Campbell reminisced.

As a child, he was drawn to the sport because of the community he grew up in, Shelly Road, Bamboo. Cricket became very important within his family. Without proper equipment, however, he had to use banana trunks among other assortments.

Going into school, he felt disappointment at not being unable to play because his primary school did not have a team. He made up for lost opportunities at Ferncourt High and even captained his school’s Headley Cup team while in fifth form.

The former paceman played the sport up to the collegiate level, and recalls several faces and memorable moments throughout the years, with Chadwick Walton coming to mind.

“The memory that sticks out most in my mind was probably in primary school when I made a hundred during lunch time. Back then, you had to be batting like you were in a T20 match,” he recalled.

The Member of Parliament admitted that up until recently, he still played at the community level and often times attended matches during the SDC competition as a way to show his support. He firmly believes the competition brings the community together to celebrate the activities.

– By Gregory Bryce

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