Four in a row for Holland Under-18

August 13, 2019
Malawi Palmer
Hernie Brown (fourth right) presents the Under-18 trophy to Holland United FC captain Cristojay Daley.

After capturing their fourth consecutive Trelawny FA Under-18 title, coach of Holland United Malawi Palmer is calling for the resumption of an all-island age-group competition to push the players even more towards national recognition.

Holland United defeated Jackson Town FC 2-0 in the finals at the Elleston Wakeland Centre last Saturday. Deano Thomas (25th) and Cristojay Daley (54th) were the scorers for Holland.

“It is an ecstatic feeling for us to now win the title four years in a row. Also, for these four years, we have been producing national players at both Under-15 and Under-17 levels,” said Palmer. “I would love to see an Under-18 age-group all-island competition like when we had the knockout all-island competition. This way, these players can know that they are not just the best in their parish but also in the country. They would compete against other talents, which would then help to push them further.”

When asked about the challenges of being a female coach in a male-dominated industry, Palmer told WESTERN STAR that the support around her makes things a bit easier.

“Working with Dwight Jeremiah, it’s a bit easier for me as he tells me what to expect. Yes, some of the ballers have attitude at times, but I’m always looking out for it, and we just work around that to become successful,” said Palmer, who is assistant to Jeremiah in the William Knibb daCosta Cup programme.

“I must also thank the Trelawny FA in giving me that push and highlight in about 2017, when they appointed me as coach of the Trelawny Under-15 boys that finished third all-island that year,” she added.

Thomas, who scored seven goals in the tournament to lead Holland’s title defence, said that he was happy that the extra work in front of goal in training paid off and was looking forward to bringing the same form into the daCosta Cup season for William Knibb.

“From the start, I have been working closely with my coach to get better at holding my composure in front of goal and taking my time on finishing. I’m elated to have scored so many goals,” he said. “I’m looking forward to the start of the daCosta Cup season because my team really has this boost of confidence going forward. I think that I can really help my team because I bring a special killer instinct going towards the goal. I have a target of at least 10 goals for my team in the first round.”


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