KSAFA board returns for full term

November 26, 2019

The Wayne Shaw led Kingston and Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) executive have returned unopposed to serve a full four year term in office.

The executive has just completed two years of a four-year cycle, which was started by Ambassador A.B. Stewart Stephenson in 2015 before he stepped down in 2017.

Shaw told STAR Sports that the his association has made steady strides since it took office in 2017 and he is delighted that it has returned to serve a full four-year term.

"I think that the clubs are very satisfied with the work that the council has been putting out, so that have decided to give a full four-year mandate," Shaw said.

"I am elated about this, but it is a lot of hard work, but it is something that I enjoy doing and I will continue to do my best for the association," he said.

Shaw added that he will be working assiduously to ensure that his organisation achieves its targets within the next four years.

"We are always going to want sponsorship because there is never enough and we are looking to get sponsorship, actively seeking sponsorship for a number of our competitions," he said.

"We are trying to make the upcoming season much better because we are looking to get the Jackie Bell Knockout playing again because this is one of our biggest competitions in KSAFA.

"We have introduced our Under-10 football and we continue to focus on our youth football development. The teams from KSAFA have been doing well in the Red Stripe Premier League because we have seven teams in there from KSAFA, so we expecting to do much better in the next years."

KSAFA's full executive:

Wayne Shaw - President

Carvel Stewart - First vice president

Mark Bennett - Second vice president

Dwayne Dillon - General secretary

Patrick Watson - Assistant general secretary

Elvis Jenkins - Treasurer

Neil Reece - Assistant treasurer

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