Burke feels targeted by police

January 12, 2021
Cory Burke
Cory Burke

National footballer Cory Burke said he is being targeted by a certain traffic cop in Spanish Town, following an incident between the two last Monday.

However, the 28-year-old striker is pleading to the officer in question to leave him alone as all he wants to do is put the incident behind him and focus on maintaining his level of fitness ahead of his MLS preseason.

Burke explained last week that he had just finished his morning training at a field a few feet away from the entrance of Lane in which he lives when he drove a few metres in the wrong direction on a one-way street that caused him and the officer in question to cross paths.

After a brief conversation, the Philadelphia Union striker said he continued to his destination, but was pursued by the police nevertheless.

"I drove across the road and into my lane but I didn't know he was following me. When I parked and came out and he pulled his gun and grab me by the neck and told me to give him the key but I told him I was not going to give him my key," Burke stated.


However, community members surrounded and chastised the lawman who went away but came back the next day and was waiting for him when he exited the lane for training.

He said he was stopped and the officer demanded his car papers, a request he refused based on his experience the following day.

"I asked him his reason for stopping me, same time he took out his phone and started to video me.

"He told me to give him my licence but because of what happened the day before I refuse to give him the licence. I held them and show them (documents) and told him I was going to the station. So I took the car home and walk to the station," he said.

He said on reaching the Spanish Town Police Station he handed over the documents to the said officer, who slapped him with traffic violations.

"He gave me the tickets and I took them and just decide that I will pay it and just let that go," he said.

Another police tried to resolve the issue but Burke claims that the officer in question refused the offer and continued to spill threats.

"When I went there he said he was in no talking and threatened to send police to my house.

"But from the night I got the tickets, I decided that I was not going to follow it up. Now he says he is still going to do this and that. But basically what I want is for this officer to leave me alone," he said.

When STAR Sports contacted the Spanish Town Police Station we were told that there are certain protocols when it comes to divulging information to the media, and that we would have to come in and speak with the superintendent in charge of the division.

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