JFF searches for marketing manager, again

February 22, 2021
Dalton Wint
Dalton Wint

The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) is once again in search for a new marketing manager after Onaje Bell vacated the position recently.

Bell replaced Sophia Harris, who assumed the role midway in 2018 to December 2019.

Bell vacated the role late last year, meaning that the marketing arm of the federation is currently without leadership.

Prior to Harris' appointment, the Michael Ricketts-led administration, after they came to office in 2017 following the passing of former president, captain Horace Burrell, went almost a year before hiring Harris.

When Harris resigned the post, it was another six months before Bell was named for the job.

Move on to 'greener pastures'

Wint said the federation's inability to keep hold of its marketing managers is a result of these persons looking to move on to 'greener pastures'.

"The job is a challenging job. We have people coming in and trying to find greener pastures and then they move on.

"But what is the best fit for the organisation will always remain, as long as we can afford them," he said.

He revealed that they have already gone into the market in search of Bell's replacement and that they hope to find one very soon.

"The fact is we are still looking and we will have an announcement very soon," he said.

Nevertheless, he argued that the department has been doing reasonably well despite the challenges but that they are still looking at ways to improve it's efficiency.

"We have done favourably well with our marketing department but it is something that we think can do a lot more. We have been doing some introspection and we are working on innovative ways to get our marketing department as efficient and effective as possible," he added.

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