JFF moving to appoint interim women’s head coach by month end

December 03, 2021
Dalton Wint
Dalton Wint

Jamaica Football Federation general secretary, Dalton Wint, says they are hoping to land an interim replacement to head the national senior women's coaching staff by the end of the month.

His comments come as the investigations into the sexual misconduct allegations against coach Hubert Busby Jr are still ongoing. Busby was suspended indefinitely last month pending the results of the FIFA inquiry after former Vancouver Whitecaps player Malloree Enoch accused him of inappropriate behaviour during his time with the Whitecaps women's team as head coach from 2010-2011.

According to Wint they are in discussions with potential candidates with a desire to find someone, whether foreign or local, who will not need to acclimatise with the World Cup qualifiers two months away.

"We have to get someone that is experienced. We can't just pick up any coach. It is a delicate situation that we find ourselves in," Wint told STAR Sports.

While he was still in charge of the programme, Bubsy, in October, stated his intention to have a home camp at minimum to capitalise on the recently concluded international window, the final one before the competition begins in February.

Wint said that the allegations caused a reshuffle in strategy to assemble the team before their opener against Bermuda on February 17.

"What has happened has caused us to shelve the plans that we had for November and now we are revisiting that situation when we can have a camp before we go into action," Wint said.

"What we will do is to have a pre-camp before we go into the competition and we are trying to get it done."

The Reggae Girlz have played three international friendlies since returning to competitive action in June against Nigeria, World champions the United States and most recently Costa Rica in October.

Former national women's coach Charles Edwards says that another stoppage in the programme will have ramifications regarding their chances to make back-to-back World Cups.

"Not being able to get that November camp up and running will hurt the players and maybe also mentally damage them in terms of, here we go again (with the inactivity)," Edwards said.

"Now you have a situation that you need to get the players back up and in running form and then you have the mental side where the Girlz want to feel important and feel like a part of the federation's programme going forward," the veteran coach added.


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