Tracey taking things slowly after injury

May 26, 2023
Tyquendo Tracey
Tyquendo Tracey

The 2021 national 100 metres champion Tyquendo Tracey will be taking things slowly after fully recovering from an injury although the World Athletics Championships is around the corner.

Tracey won the National Championships 100 metres in 2021 and hoped to do great things at the Olympic Games but lost his grip on that goal when the injury struck.

"Honestly, I wanna just watch how things roll out for now. Not to be too hopeful, just to live in the moment and not think too much of the future," Tracey said.

The two-time national champion said he is grateful for recovering from his injury and does not want to dwell on achieving any major athletic goals.

"Right now, everything is going well, and I'm just enjoying it and working with what the days throw at me," the World Under-20 Championships silver medallist said.

Tracey said he is putting his trust in the Lord.

"Failure is not final. We keep moving," the Olympian wrote in an Instagram post.

Tracey is expected to participate at the National Championships, slated for July 6-9, after which the team for the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, will be selected.

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