JFF reverts to selling tickets on match days

September 22, 2023
Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) will open its door and a ticket office at the National Stadium to accommodate Reggae Girlz supporters who want to buy tickets for Friday's match against Canada the old-fashioned way.

The decision is a response to supporters' complaints that they have had difficulties purchasing match tickets online, with the JFF originally stating that tickets would only be sold online on Friday, the day of the 7 p.m. match.

According to JFF general secretary Dennis Chung, the selling of tickets on match days will continue for future Reggae Boyz and Reggae Girlz games.

He pointed out that tickets are now done electronically and under the control of the JFF, which will accommodate fans who prefer physical tickets or do not have a phone to print tickets from their office after purchasing.

"The issue that we are having is that people are unable to manoeuvre the system online for various reasons. Some want the physical thing, but we are now using the electronic platform alone, so we will not go to a (lithographic) printer and print tickets.

"What we will do is print from the electronic platform on the behalf of people if they want it.

"So if someone comes to the office and buys the tickets, we will print something, and they will be able to use that because it has the bar code," Chung explained.

Fans can pay with cash, credit or debit card. Four hours before the game, the ticket office at the stadium will be opened, and supporters can get their tickets in both physical or electronic form there.

"If people come and want the physical ticket, we can give it to them, or we can send it to their phones," he said.

Chung revealed that at the last game, the Reggae Boyz's Nations League match against Haiti, some fans were being sold used tickets, and he cautioned that tickets must only be bought at the two official outlets.

"Once the ticket is scanned, whether you have it on your phone or printed, if it is used again, it will be rejected.

"We had quite a few people trying to do that. People were taking the used ones and selling them outside, and those persons could not get in.

"So we are warning that fans should not buy printed tickets from anybody outside. Either get it from the JFF office or the ticket office on the day. Anybody else that sells it, it might not be genuine," he pointed out.

Chung added this is the future of ticket sales worldwide and that despite the difficulties some fans are experiencing buying online tickets (at caribtix.com), it is the way to go.

"When you go to a (lithographic) printer for the physical thing, too many 'bandooloo' are involved. Now the production is up to us, and we can handle it that way.

"This is the future, and the JFF is just doing it. In the future, there may be more expanded ways in terms of outlets, but that will require some training.

"So although people still come here (JFF) with credit cards to buy tickets, it is much easier to go online and purchase it there, and also we do not have to worry about checking account of the physical ticket stock," he said.


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