Tracey not giving up

September 22, 2023
Tyquendo Tracey
Tyquendo Tracey

Tyquendo Tracey has been having difficult track and field seasons recently, but the former national 100 metres champion is not deterred from doing what he loves.

Tracey was injured at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, in 2021, and at the recent World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, he was disbanded from Jamaica's team.

"Ever since I started back in the 10th grade, track is something I've always loved - the competition and all the perks that come with being an athlete," the sprinter said.

Tracey, who was fifth in the men's 100 metres at the national trials in early July, in a viral video during the recent World Championships, lashed out against the national team's technical director, Maurice Wilson, over alleged favouritism and the inclusion of Kadrian Goldson, who had placed seventh at the trials, in the relay pool ahead of him.

These allegations resulted in Tracey being removed from the World Championships team and Wilson threatening to sue for defamation.

Tracey is even more motivated to go harder next season and beyond despite what might be discouraging to others.

"Ultimately to win everything. I've been having a rough past few years, but I think all is falling into place," the 30-year-old said. "(The experience has been) both positive and negative, but I'm just picking from everything that happened to push me for next season."

The athlete said although he's trying to keep a positive mindset, he is still trying to cope with what transpired.

"It's a difficult situation, and I am still trying to get past it. This situation is bigger than me, and I want everything to work out in favour of the current athletes and for the future," he expressed.

Despite this, he said he is still trying to stay motivated and focused on his goals.

"Motivation, for me, is mostly created within, but just making my friends and family happy to see me out there running," Tracey said. "For me, it's that the people who you expect to be at your side most times won't be when things get rough, and no matter what, you should always depend on yourself first."

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