Is God punishing Jamaica?

October 02, 2015

Dear Pastor,
I am writing you to ask you a religious question. Do you believe that God is punishing Jamaica by withholding rain on the land? Is Jamaica more wicked than other countries? I know of other countries where people kill each other more often, so why would God hold back the rain from us? I would like your views.

Dear Unnamed,
Jamaica is a wonderful place and like in every country there are good and bad people. The people in Jamaica are no more wicked than those of other countries. I do not know the real cause for the lack of rain but I do not believe that it is because the people are wicked. And you should not believe that God is punishing Jamaicans by withholding rain. My Bible tells me that God is a loving and merciful God.

Dear Pastor,
I am 24 and have two girl children. These girls were born two years apart. Both of them are for a married man. He is my second boyfriend but I believe that I love him more than his wife. He is always with me. He does not leave me at all.
After I had the second child, his wife found out about me. He stayed away for a couple months but came back. His wife went to America and I was hoping that she wouldn't come back but she did. She has two children also but they are her sister's children. She does not have any for him. He is planning to build a house for us. Please give me your advice.

Dear V.L.,
If you are hoping that this man is going to leave his wife and marry you, perish that thought. It is unlikely to happen. If this man wanted to do so he would have done it already. I really cannot encourage you to continue this relationship. However, this man should support his children. You would be wise to get your own man. Otherwise, you will end up becoming a very old lady hoping that this man would divorce his wife and marry you.

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