Different religious beliefs keepng us from getting married


October 09, 2015
The Holy Bible

Religious beliefs keepng us from getting married

Dear Pastor,

I am a Christian and I worship on Sunday but my fiancee worships on Saturday. I am an understanding person. I told her that I am not changing from my church but she can go to her church at any time. She wants me to promise that I will not insist that she cooks on a Friday evening or Saturday or do any housework during Sabbath time. And that I will not go out and play dominoes with the boys or anywhere during her Sabbath time and that I would visit her church and learn the difference of Sabbath worship and Sunday worship.

Pastor, I cannot promise that and I cannot give up my Friday fun and lock down at my house on Friday evenings to Sundays. That is preventing us from getting married. She says that if I love her I would not insist in having my own way.


Dear E.C.,

Your fiancee is already making demands of you. She is a Sabbath worshipper and she wants you to be just like her but she is trying to be diplomatic by asking you to agree to do certain things before you get married. I believe she loves you as much as you love her but you know that you will not give up your weekend fun to please this woman on religious ground. And frankly, I agree with the stand you have taken.


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