I'm a fugitive in a strange country

October 12, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am writing this letter with hope in my heart asking for your help to my unanswered questions. I was married in Jamaica in 1986 to a Jamaican man who migrated to the United Kingdom in 1990. We have one child who was born in Jamaica in 1985. Because of our financial situation she was brought up by his family, so for that reason she does not pay me any attention. She is now in the United Kingdom with her father. I eventually paid my way to the United Kingdom with the help of a friend in 2002 and acting on information, I found my husband. When I found him there was no place in his life for me, neither was there any place in his home because he was living with a woman of whom I found out was his wife and also the mother of a child that he fathered. Not having anywhere to go or live, I became a fugitive in a strange country, so I started sleeping here and there and everywhere I could be sheltered by strangers and people that I knew. So, I ended up from London to Briston. Now I have become ill and I am unable to help myself and to get a job because of my non-identity.

My question is, how can I get assistance from the authority? My husband is now dead. However, I got a hold of his death certificate. He has four grown children living in the United Kingdom and I only have a phone number for one daughter. They all live in North London. How can I get help without being sent home as I have no one in Jamaica to help me? I have lost touch with everyone both friends and family. I have all personal details for him, also my marriage certificate. I am hoping for an early reply and advice.


Dear C.H.,

You need a lawyer. After this man left for the United Kingdom, am I to understand that you did not hear from him at all? And when you got to the United Kingdom and found him and realised that he was married, you did nothing about it? If he got married and he did not divorce you, he committed bigamy. I can imagine how difficult it must have been for you but I am amazed that you did not seek help sooner, especially from the government and the Legal Aid lawyers, the church etc. and even now I doubt that it is too late. You should try to reach out to your daughter and also to his other children. I could only pray for you but in addition to prayer you need financial help and legal advice.


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