Sexually abused by my brother, uncle


October 12, 2015
illustration ... a rape victim.

Sexually abused by my brother, uncle

Dear Pastor,

When I was growing up I was abused by one of my brothers, an uncle and a brother-in-law. My grandmother knew that one of her sons sexually abused me but she cursed me sometimes about it but never condemned her son. Sometimes when I remember it, it affects my health. Please give me your advice.


Dear C.C.,

You grew up in a dysfunctional family. What happened is affecting you. Your grandmother was aware that at least her son had molested you but she did nothing about it. At least she should have investigated the matter and kicked him out of the house. She was always cursing you over the matter. She probably believed that you caused the men to abuse you. You have not said anything about your parents and you haven't given your age.

I would suggest that you try to make an appointment with a family counsellor who would assist you I learning to cope with the stress and depression that the abuse has caused.


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