Good girls can ask a man for sex


October 13, 2015

Good girls can ask a man for sex

Dear Pastor,

On your show you were discussing good girls and if good girls ask men for sex. I know I am a good girl and I have asked a couple guys to have sex with me at different times and I enjoyed it. I know it was not something that I should do because people see me as a well groomed and decent individual but people don?t know my feelings. I don?t have a permanent boyfriend. One of the men I asked to have sex with me is married and I could confide in him. He has never asked me to have sex with him and our offices are close to each other. Sometimes he would tell me that his wife is ignoring him and when he talks to her she doesn?t answer. She tells him that he is too miserable and she calls him Mr Perfect. I love this man so much. He has never tried to do anything so one day I went into his office and just asked him whether he would have sex with me. He said that I should not challenge him. I told him I wasn?t challenging him, I was just asking him and he said, ?Of course I would?. When everybody was gone and only the security guard was on the compound I went away and came back and he did the same and we had sex. We told the guard that we had some extra work to do. I think he believed us. That was the first time I asked a man to have sex with me. From that time I didn?t have to ask him again. He kept asking me and I only agreed one other time because what he gave me, I could have lasted for a year. No one at our workplace knew that we had an affair. My only problem is that I am jealous of his wife but I don?t show it. I do not do anything at the office to make anybody suspect that I love this man. I know I am a good girl but even good girls do naughty things sometimes. I am dating a guy online. I am getting to love him. He has money but I am not after his money, I only want true love.


Dear T.N.,

Are you really a good girl or a very naughty girl? I suppose you are rating yourself as good because you did not sell your body to this man. Neither did you ask any type of man to have sex with you, so you consider yourself good. But some would say that regardless how a woman feels; she should never ask a man to have sex with her. How should this man be described? Should he be considered a good man for granting you your request? If he had turned you down, would you have called him a fool? Would you be angry with him or respect him for not wanting to cheat on his wife? You did not explain what happened on the other occasions that you asked a man to have sex with you. However, I am glad that you have found a man and is now dating. I hope that if both of you are truly in love the relationship will develop and both of you would get married.


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