Uncle is hiding my father's Will


October 15, 2015

Dear Pastor,

Greetings in the name of Jesus. I have seen how you have helped many people. I am having a problem with my relatives. My father died leaving a Will but before he died he told me that my name is in the Will and he was leaving one of the houses for me. The main house he was leaving for my brother and the other house which he rented, he was leaving for me. He did not show me the Will but I know it was made and my brother also knew that he made the Will. Since he died my uncle wants to claim everything. Every time we ask him about the Will he says that he can't find it but it is not true. My uncle wants the big house. He is the Executor of the Will. I have a child and my uncle doesn't like the father of my child. That is the reason why he doesn't want me to get the house. When my father died my uncle did not want my child's father to take part in the funeral. He called him dirty boy, so on the funeral day my boyfriend attended but he stayed far away. My brother doesn't want to get into any argument with my uncle but he wants to know what is really going on. He doesn't live in the area. I want what my father left for me.


Dear L.W.,

I suggest that your brother and yourself go to see a lawyer. Regardless of what your uncle may say, as a beneficiary you have a right to have a copy of your father's Will and your brother has a right to see the Will also. In fact, anybody who is a beneficiary should get a copy. Therefore, pressure should be put on your uncle to produce the Will. However, do not get into any unnecessary argument with him. Talk to your brother and both of you should retain a lawyer. I wish you well in this matter.


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