Why do men prefer uneducated women?


October 17, 2015

Dear Pastor,

Why is it that men prefer women who are not educated? I am a trained person. Let me not say for the time being what I do. When I meet men and they ask me what I do and I tell them, not many of them want to take me out. Some of my girlfriends have the same experiences with men. They talk to the girls whose heads are empty and who are not very educated. At present I have a boyfriend. I love him but when he is around me he doesn't seem relax. Last Christmas I invited him for dinner and my relatives made it hard on him. Everybody asked him what work he does so he does not like to be around my relatives. I like him enough to marry him. What do you think?


Dear M.P.,

If you love him, marry him. If he is willing to learn, teach him. You know he is not an intellectual but if he is respectful and is a hard worker and know how to treat a woman, marry him and encourage him to go back to school.


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