Some men are very ungrateful!


October 20, 2015

Dear Pastor,

There are some men who are very ungrateful to women. I had a man for eight years and treated him like a husband should be treated by a woman.

When he wasn't working, I was there for him. Now that he is working, he found another woman and she is enjoying the sweetness right now.

Pastor, I would kill that man now. From January I haven't seen him. I don't know what is wrong with these men. They want to bite off more than what they can chew.


Dear Unnamed,

Perish the thought of wanting to kill the man with whom you lived. However, I do agree that this man is very ungrateful.

You have treated him well and now he has left you for another woman. I don't want you to blame yourself.

Yes, it is true that after eight years of being with him you would feel that the years have been wasted.

But you are wiser now and no other man will be able to fool you, so let this man stay where he is. Perhaps he'll find out his mistake and will try to come back to you.

I hope that if he tries, you will shut the door on him. The good Lord will take care of you. Put your

confidence in him.


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